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Anny at Work, A1AWEB, Internet Advertising Hi, my name is Ann Menke, and I personally guarantee that you will receive inquiries from the webpages I create for you. It is up to YOU to make sales out of them. By promptly returning your email, sending out promotional material and returning phone calls-you will make sales. I cannot sell your product or service-that is up to YOU. What you are selling may or may not be a hot item-there's only one way to find out-by trying. The webpages I create get results because I submit them to over 250,000 Search Engines, Hotlists, Directories, Indexes, Classifieds and FFA lists every month using Search Engine Poster Pro software.

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I believe in internet advertising because it works for me-and my customers-otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. Think of your webpage as a billboard, office and storefront along the information superhighway, promoted accordingly it can't help but get results. Thanks again for visiting my site - Ann Menke

A1AWEB Webpage Creation & Hosting PRICES

  • 1 year Domain Registration thru A1AWEB: $20
  • Webpage Creation is So Affordable, each 8 X 10 page is only $40 per page (3 page minimum) and can have up to 5 photos each with animated gifs, buttons, bars and backgrounds, music, statisical hitcounter & guestbook. That includes hidden keywords in your HTML so people can find you on the internet by doing a search using those keywords.
  • Monthly Hosting & Submission fee $20
    webpage creation (This monthly fee pays for the server space your site takes up and for submission to the most popular search engines Yahoo, MSN, Euroseek, Alta-Vista, HotBot, Infoseek, Lycos, AOL, Wisenut, Subjex, Northern Light, Google, DMOZ as well as 250,000 other lesser known search engines, hot lists, directories, classifieds and FFA lists.)

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    To see examples of my work go to: International Website Advertising and click on the links.

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    If you have any questions or would like to start a Webpage please
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