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Expert Article By: James Zeller

The easiest information obtained about fishing can be found online in the largest fishing directory in the world. Fisherman from every continent depend on a common source for fishing guides, fishing reports, new gear, fishing history or just to log onto a fishing forum through their favorite fishing directory.

Fishing has surpassed all other hobbies as the number one outdoor event that captures our time and money. Fishing categories can usually be disseminated with the use of a fishing directory. There are four major methods of fishing and all have adamant endorsers who seldom cross over to the other three. Cane pole fishing, spinning, bait casting and fly-fishing are the four most used methods worldwide.

Fly-fishing is the newest trend and requires the most practice and talent. With a fly fishing rod, a fly fishing reel and fly line you can add your bait which is called a fly that has a very small hook for trout. There are flies that land on top of the water and don?t sink called dry flies. There are flies that are designed to travel underwater like a swimming insect that are called wet flies. There are larger lures for saltwater fishing and tournaments for the largest fish caught on a ?fly?. The use of a good fishing directory can yield fly fishing tips, fly tying techniques, gear and manufacturers.

Cane Pole fishing is the most primitive of the 4 methods using a single pole made of bamboo with a line tied to the end and a hook. In most cases this was our first experience of fishing, catching blue gills and bream. Cane poles are inexpensive and sometimes homemade using other materials at hand. Cane poles have also been improved to be a two-piece rod for easier storage and transporting. A red and white bobber added to the line increases the entertainment as we wait for the bobber to disappear and the line to race through the water. Antique bamboo poles have a subcategory in the best fishing directory.

Spinning reels with accompanying rods are as much a favorite to some as General Motors are to some automobile owners. A classy open face reel that has a bail that initializes the casting of the line and lure. Spinning reels are less likely to have a backlash that ends in line tangles. The spinning rod and reel can be used on saltwater and fresh water. The fishing industry has also developed micro-spinning reels and rods for small fish and more action for the fisherman. Most of the hundreds of manufactures of reels have separate categories in a fishing directory.

Casting reels are the foundation of mechanized fishing reels. The reels have been designed as small as a thread spool to the huge size of a small basketball to accommodate deep-sea fishing behemoths of 1000-pound fish. The disadvantage is a casting reel has a tendency to tangle the line. This cuts down on fishing time and amount of fish caught. Some professional fishermen have mastered the casting reel preferring it to the spinner. Websites featuring parts for casting reels and professional repair shops list their sites in the best online fishing directory.

About The Author

James Zeller writes for numerous fishing websites and blogs. Unbiased evaluation of fishing vacations, lodges and guides are included in most of his articles. His best choice for the largest fishing directory online is

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