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All kind of information about At Last The Eagle FishMark 320 A Foolproof Method For Finding Fish Every Time

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At Last The Eagle FishMark 320 A Foolproof Method For Finding Fish Every Time Product

At Last the Eagle FishMark 320 a Foolproof Method for Finding Fish Every Time

Expert Article By: Niall Pesci

Looking for a reliable fishfinder? Then check out the features that you get in the FishMark 320. This great quality finder will bring in the fish you are searching for and deliver a foolproof method for catching them every time. The sonar on board is perfect and is one that you will be impressed with.

Just imagine sitting on deck on a beautiful sunny day, not having to guess where the fish are - your FishMark 320 will pinpoint where they are, and when to cast.

The FishMark 320 has many features to mention here.

The 320 has a five inch diagonal screen with high definition 320x320 LCD resolution. It has 16 level grayscale and a backlit screen and keypad. So, what does all of that do? It gives you a great sized screen (perfect for viewing) that is clear and crisp in the images that it displays. You can see the details and therefore know what you have to deal with.

But, what shows up on that screen is what really matters. And, the FishMark 320 has what you need it to. It has depth capability of 800 feet which is perfect for the average lake. It has a 60 degree angle of detection so that means you?ll get what is below your boat and what is next to it. You also get other features that you will love including the FishReveal technology which shows your target even if it is hiding under clutter which we all know is down there. It features HyperScroll so that you can get a reliable reading even when your boat is hitting high speeds, great for finding schools of fish when you are in a hurry. You also get GRAYLINE which will help to differentiate between the fish and the bottom or structures. Fish ID and Fish Track help you to locate and track the fish that you want to catch.

Don?t worry about not finding the right one or losing it if you turn your head. Ever have a fish hide on you? It won?t be easily to hide with this technology! All in all, the Eagle FishMark 320 is the perfect companion on board your boat this fishing season!

About The Author

Niall Pesci is a keen lakes fisherman who is always looking at new tools to help him catch more fish. Visit Fish Finder Review for more information and great deals about the Eagle FishMark 320 and other Eagle GPS and Sonar fish finders and marine navigation systems.

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