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Benefits of Fishing Tackle Box Organization

Expert Article By: John Packer

There are all different kinds of fishermen throughout the world. Some have been reeling in the "big one" for decades, whereas others can only dream of the day when the "big one" bites. Many fishermen like freshwater lakes, some like rivers or streams, and then there are those who prefer the ocean. Regardless of age, experience, or preference, there is one must: the right equipment and an organized tackle box.

Most fishermen have accumulated various lures, tackle, rods, and reels over the years. They have developed favorites, and they certainly have discovered which equipment works best in which conditions. Being prepared with the right equipment to suit the fishing conditions will make or break a fishing trip. One way to prepare yourself as a fisherman is to have an organized tackle box.

Organizing all of your gear, especially what is located in your tackle box, has many advantages. Some of these include:

1. Many fishermen don't fish in the same fishing spot every time they go out. In fact, some may fish in the ocean one day and on the lake the next. If your gear is organized according to what conditions you will be fishing in, you will most likely have a more successful trip. Better yet, organize two different tackle boxes; one for freshwater fishing and the other for saltwater fishing.

2. No tangled lures! That is the worst; you get out onto the water and are all set to go, only to find that all of your lures are tangled into a huge mess. You end up spending half of your time fixing the jumbled mess. By using a tackle box that is designed to separate lures and keep them from tangling with other lures you are going to save yourself a lot of time.

3. Quick lure exchange. Whether you are in the middle of a tournament or just enjoying a Saturday afternoon, no one likes wasting time changing their lures. With a tackle box that is organized you are bound to spend more time with your line in the water.

If you haven't yet bought a tackle box, or are looking into an upgrade for better organizational benefits, consider these aspects before buying:

1. Durability. You definitely don't want your nicely organized tackle box falling apart on you. Pick a strong plastic or a metal that won't rust. Fishing is not for pansies, your tackle box shouldn't be built like one either.

2. Is it waterproof and watertight? Most tackle boxes are made of material that is waterproof, but can water still creep inside through the cracks? This could form mold on your expensive equipment if there is not adequate ventilation. Some boxes come with removable parts to air out wet lures and remove any water that snuck in.

3. The size and function of your tackle box should largely depend on your intended use. Tournament fishermen need to have quick access to different lures and a fairly light box. The same goes for shore fishermen; they have to carry their tackle box to the shore, so it would make sense to consider weight when purchasing a new tackle box. On the other hand, many fishermen use the same boat and prefer to store their tackle box on board. In this case, they can afford to have a bit more weight in exchange for extra storage or waterproofing features.

4. It is always nice to have a little extra space for gear other than lures, weights, etc. A compartment for a pair of pliers (with quick access) is a plus. Some tackle boxes even come with a spot for a flashlight; always handy when fishing at dawn or dusk.

There are many things to think about and prepare before any fishing trip. An organized tackle box will ensure arriving on the water with the right equipment every time!

About The Author John Packer is an avid fisherman and recommends,, for all your fishing tackle needs based on their wide selection, super discount prices, and great service.

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