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Expert Article By: Robert Vassos

There is a lot to be said about getting out on the water for some well deserved recreation. The interesting thing about boating is there is some ancient gene that we all carry that dates back to a time when folks thought the earth was flat. And just like Columbus exploring the boundaries of the known world people today are still drawn to the water by some magical unexplained pull. And why not - in this fast paced world of office towers and pavement there is certainly something soothing about stepping on to a gently rocking boat at the dock and firing it up to venture out on the open waters.

The other great thing about boating is that this form of recreation offers so much versatility. Think about it. You can fish, water ski, tube, tour around, swim off the boat, sunbath, entertain friends, visit friends on the lake ? not mention that boats can be utilized for work type activities as well, and they are a valid form of general waterway transportation for many.

The other interesting thing is that boating isn?t as expensive as you might think. As a first step you might consider renting before you purchase and many marinas offer reasonably priced boat rental packages right from their docks. Recently a recreation cost comparison was done by and you might be surprised at how inexpensive boating can be in when you compare costs against theme parks, hockey games, live concerts, golf or even an evening at the theatre. The bottom line is there is a boat for every family budget and a selection of boat types and models that is even more far ranging than cars. Generally speaking, the bigger the boat, the larger the horsepower and the more options that you choose will determine the overall cost and the best value match for the individual or family. Some boats are built for versatility and some boats are built primarily for one use e.g. fishing or wake boarding. The point is, if you look around you can find the right boat at the right price to suit your needs. Many boat manufacturers offer financing terms that are attractive and financial institutions are certainly willing to spread payments over 5 years with the longer terms translating to lower monthly payments.

But some would say there are more important considerations than the cost aspect of owning and operating at boat. It can be summed up in one word ?lifestyle?. If you seek freedom and relaxation there is nothing like a day on the water that comes close. It means leaving a lot of the daily stress that we all experience behind at the dock. In a 2003 Impulse Research study, nearly 2/3rds of boat owners made their boat purchase and found it brought their family closer together. Another portion claimed it allowed them to lead a more romantic personal life. That has to be reason enough to want to own a boat right?

There are almost, 3 million watercraft in Canada and one in six households owns at least one boat. Boating contributes over $7 billion into the Canadian economy every year. You might expect this in Canada. After all - we are surrounded by oceans and Great Lakes and most of our provinces are dotted with lakes and rivers throughout the interior.

Robert and Colleen Vassos own a waterfront marina called Wedgewood Marine & Recreation ( in the Haliburton Highlands of Ontario about two hours north of Toronto. They sell a wide variety of boats including the full line up of Starcraft boats (bowriders, pontoons, deck boats and fishing boats), Svfara performance ski boats, Legend, Thundercraft and Doral boats as well as Yamaha PWC?s. They also rent Yamaha Waverunners and various other boats ranging from runabouts and ski boats to pontoons and fishing boats right from their waterfront facility on Twelve Mile Lake. ?We are seeing a big move to deck boats? says Colleen Vassos. ?Families are looking for the versatility so they have both the entertainment space of a pontoon boat and the ability of a sport boat to plane so that water skiing, fishing or just hanging out can be accomplished in one watercraft? adds Colleen. ?We often rent boats to customers before they buy? says Robert Vassos. If you are new to boating, renting is a wise option. It gives the newbee boater an opportunity to ensure that they get the right fit and the right product to suit their individual or family needs. Seems like an ideal lifestyle to be selling and renting boats from a waterfront facility but those visions were shattered when Colleen & Robert mentioned that they are so busy putting clients in boats that they rarely have time to do what they would really like to be doing ? going out for a boat ride!

About The Author

Robert and Colleen Vassos, the owners of Wedgewood Marine and Recreation, rent and sell outdoor motorized recreational vehicles. For more information or additional services that they offer, please go to or call 1-888-462-6286.

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