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Expert Article By: Peter Lenkefi

You have lived on ground almost all your life so its about time to wake up to a new life on a boat. Houseboating has become a popular past time for both the young and old, especially attracted by the thrill of living on rivers and lakes and enjoying its green banks. Of late, housbeoating rental companies have tried to add a lot of incentives to this boating holiday to make visitors feel like they are in an urban setting. Some boats now feature fully connected satelite tv, gas cookers, radios, etc.

You can book a houseboat for a day, two weeks or a month as your plans require. Ther are several companies offering visitors the ability to rent their boats and explore rivers upstream or downstream, seeing lakes and rivers in all their beauty and scenery. For bird watchers and environmental enthusiasts, this is a great opportunity to combine a holiday with business exploration..

Going on a houseboating adventure differs not much from an ordinary camping. You need to take enough suplies but not bedding as the houseboats are equiped with beds and sitting room furniture to imitate everyday household living conditions. You may however need to take along food and drink supplies . Of late some people, send along water skis and some fishing rods to do some fishing.

One company at the forefront of houseboat renting is Sunset Marina & Resort, loacted at Sunset Marina & Resort Sunset Dock Rd.Byrdstown, TN and online at The company has a new 20' wide boat which can be used to explore the entire Dale Hollow Lake at a great comfort. The boat has 6 private bedrooms with closets, 2 full baths and a fly bridge with canopy top and hot tubs.

If you intend to go on a houseboat vacation, you will have to know something about the high and low seasons. During the high seasosn, expect to pay as much as $1,500 to $3,000 a week depnding on facilities available. A low season price can be between $800 to $1500 depending on facilities again.

Find out from the boating company which routes the craft will pass. If you intend to go on environmental or eco holiday, you will need rivers with a lot of wild life scenery and game. If you intend to do fishing, you will need a river with a lot of fresh water fish.

Also, make a good assessment of how much space you will need so that you do not waste space or find yourself overcrowded.

Take along food supplies even if you are assured of sale by local stores. Though these stores will relieve you of the burden of carrying food all the way to the rivers, they cannot be counted on all the time as they may close for one reason or the other.

Houseboating is one holiday option you will love to patronise. Rivers, lakes and waterfronts all help to create an atmosphere of nature, quite relieving you from the concerns of urban neighborhoods.

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