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How Can You Fish Without A Real Fishing Pole Product

How Can You Fish Without A Real Fishing Pole

Expert Article By: Elizabeth Hesson

A tale from ?back in time? of kids using their imagination to while away a lazy summer afternoon.

As a young girl, the only other kid in the neighborhood I had to play with was a boy my age that lived down the road from me. We lived in the country in a quiet neighborhood with a sheep farm down the road that had winding stream that ran behind their property and my neighbor?s house as well. Needless to say, I learned to play with ?boy toys? such as his farm toys, cars ,etc, and played Cowboys and Indians (that should give you a hint of what era!), and I was always the Indian for some reason!! For some reason, he never wanted to reciprocate in playing ?house? or dressing dolls!!

However, we discovered a hobby that we both enjoyed! Fishing!! The creek behind his home was our playground and we spent hours wading, swimming, catching crawdads and fishing together. I never touched those crawdads! They had pinchers and looked scary! Ewww!

Once I got past touching those nasty squirming worms, and baiting my own hook (he wouldn?t let me use his lures!), I really had fun fishing. We were about 9 years old and got along pretty good for a boy and a girl. He had his own fishing pole and neat looking lures, and I had none! There was an old fishing pole that his Dad had that I was allowed to use and when that fishing pole broke?I had nothing to fish with!!

My friend didn?t feel sorry enough for me to let me use his fishing pole, so he and I started poking around in his Dad?s work shop and found a long stick and some string which we tied to the end of the stick. Then for a hook, we used a nail and hammered it into a shape that we thought made a good hook. There it was?my homemade fishing rod!

I actually got a worm onto that nail and cast my line out into the creek at the deepest point I could find. Believe it or not?I actually caught a fish on that homemade fishing pole! Our parents were amazed! It wasn?t a keeper; in fact it wasn?t much beyond the minnow stage, but hey? I caught a fish!! That?s what it was all about for us! We have went our separate ways in life and I often wonder if he remembers the home-made fishing pole we made that hot summer afternoon all those years ago.

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Elizabeth Hesson

This is a fond memory of a part-owner, of We are selling fishing gear such as fishing rods, reels, lures and tackle for the dedicated fisherman, and for a family that enjoys fishing as a hobby and sport. Check out our website for the latest in fishing rods, lures, tackle and reels.

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