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How To Book A Fly Fishing Trip In 3 Easy Steps Product

How To Book A Fly Fishing Trip In 3 Easy Steps

Expert Article By: Linda Harrison

Did you know that fly fishing is one of the most relaxing sports around? Casting a line into a calm stream can be said to be one of life?s greatest pleasures. Fly fisherman can seem a bit fanatic in their quest for the perfect river and the perfect spot to spend the day looking for a good catch. I?ve done a little research into the world of fly fishing vacations and have come up with the three tips that can turn your next fly fishing trip into an experience to remember.

1) Consider lesser known fly fishing spots. Did you know that there is absolutely incredible fly fishing available in a lot of states that wouldn?t seem obvious at first glance? There sure is. One such spot is Montana. True pros know that Montana has a ton of incredible fly fishing spots and that you only really need to find one to make your vacation incredible. During the summer, Montana and Wyoming can become very crowded with tourists looking to visit the stunning national parks. However, these 1 week tourists might not be overly interested in visiting the secluded lakes and streams that you might love to fish in Montana.

2) Compare online deals. Orbitz and Expedia can offer some really good deals on package vacations. However, sometimes it?s best to check out discount airlines for really good deals. Southwest and JetBlue have become extremely popular airline options and they cover a good part of the US now. Booking separate hotel and (a discount) airfare might be a great option if you want to save some bucks. You should spend your money on fly fishing gear, not overpriced transportation and accommodation.

3) Canada. This is the most important tip (and overlooked destination) of all. There is nothing quite as good as saving some money during the exchange rate process. Canada is just over the border and has an absolute bounty of natural resources. Lakes, ponds, and streams team with fish. This country is a fly fisherman?s dream come true. There are tons of places that will gladly book you in for a fly fishing vacation.

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Linda Harrison is author of ?Fly Fishing Canada ? A Reel Good Time.? Grab your copy at

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