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Expert Article By: Peter Lenkefi

First things first you should always consider your safety when packing to go kayaking and this means taking essential survival equipment with you. This is probably most important if you are going sea fishing because the weather can turn in a second and leave you hopeless against the elements; taking the correct kayak accessories with you may be the difference between a tiring slog home and not making it home at all.

A PFD is the most important of kayak accessories.

You should always wear a PFD without exception. A PFD is a Personal Floating Device and you can buy very comfortable ones now that even have storage pockets, so there is absolutely no excuse whatsoever to leave it lying around the bottom of your boat or, worse still, lying around in your garage.

A map and compass. Don?t just take a map, and leave the compass at home or the other way around. No matter how much you know your way around, one is pretty much useless without the other so make sure you pack them both and make sure your map is in a watertight wallet.

Not really kayak accessories but still a very good idea.

In this modern era there is no excuse not to carry your cell phone with you and you can buy watertight cases now so you know you will be able to rely on it if the need arises.

A bilge pump is an invaluable asset to any kayak and should be one of the first kayak accessories around. If the weather does turn or you get caught in the wake of a boat and your kayak overturns or is capsized you really are going to struggle to empty your boat without a pump of some sort. Even watertight areas of your kayak will likely leak water when you sink. The only way back from this is by using a bilge pump. Make sure you have one and make sure that it?s going to float if you need it to.

There are various other types of kayak accessories that you should consider taking with you especially if you are a beginner. Sponsons clipped to the sides of your kayak will hold your kayak relatively still allowing you to get back in should the need arise. Paddle floats can be used to steady yourself and lever your body back into the boat and these are very good kayak accessories to consider taking with you on your next kayak expedition.

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