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Sport Hunts and the Right Equipment

Expert Article By: Marvin Ellison

Most of us who are avid hunters keep up on the modern equipment as a sport hunter should. Some of this information may or may not be helpful but here it is.

First off, equipment is important. Such as weapons, clothing, cleaning equipment, lures, game calls, and repellants. Choose the weapon best suited for what and where you are hunting. In other words, if you are hunting rabbits at short range you would not use a high powered rifle. High powered rifles are made to shoot long range, larger calibers are for large game as is smaller calibers are for smaller game. If you are an inexperienced at what you are hunting, do a little research. Hunting sports shops are willing and happy to assist you. Just don't let them sell you gear that you do not need. Talk to other hunter?s around clubs and shops, they always like to talk about hunts and equipment.

Clothing is important. You want to dress for the weather to be as comfortable as possible. Colder weather may require more layers of clothing, use the camouflage best matching the area you are hunting. Footwear is very important and comes in a wide range of styles and insulation factors. Your feet are very important in the woods so you need to take care of them. Types of socks and footwear should be worn so that your feet are protected from heat and dampness as well as the cold. Underwear should be worn the same way as far as type, layers, and density. Remember you want to be as comfortable as possible.

Always carry a quality hunting knife, keep it sharp and well protected. A guthook knife is a great choice for larger game, for field dressing. Lures and calls are another thing. They come in a larger variety of types and styles from a lot of different manufactures.

Calls do not always work the same for every individual so you may have to try several to get one that works well for you. Talk to other hunters in the area you are hunting to see what works best. Experience is a good teacher so sometimes it is better starting out by talking to other experienced hunters.

Lures are also made in a wide range by a wide range of manufactures. Sometimes trial and error applies to using them. In warmer months you should use some type of repellant, and then again talking to other hunters will help you decide on which ones to use for mosquitoes, flies, and other unwanted pests.

Well that?s all I have for now. I hope this information will help some of the less experienced hunters. A hunter?s safety course is very helpful. Look for more of our advanced hunting articles in the near future. Thanks and good luck.

Marvin Ellison

About The Author

Marvin Ellison is from a small town in Indiana. He is an avid hunter and fisherman. Hunting knives have became his interest and business. Marvin is very talented when it comes to all hunting and fishing aspects. Marvin started his business HuntingKnifeEdge in March of 2006 with his wife Crystel and has really had fun with it.

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