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Fish Cat Cougar

Fish Cat Cougar

Ready for float fishing? Jump into a Fish Cat boat for your most affordable launch into pontoon boat fishing. These boats are made of a durable PVC fabric with double top stitched seams and break down frames. From still water to streams you will experience fishing at its finest. The Cougar’s quad pontoon design is the latest innovation in the Fish Cat line of boats. It’s 8’ length and dual 10” diameter tube design increases the load capacity, stability, tracking and offers less wind resistance than a conventional pontoon boat. These features combine to keep the season open longer by staying afloat in as little as 3” of water. Its 10-piece aluminum frame and 7’ 4 piece oars makes for compact storage and easy transport. Boat Specs Inflated Size: 60” x 96” Weight: 75 lbs. Frame: 10-pc Aluminum Air Cell Type: Vinyl Load Capacity: 375 lbs. Seams: Sewn Warranty: 5 Year Fabric Denier: 900 PVC

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