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Outcast PAC 9000

Outcast PAC 9000

The PAC 9000 has all the ideas and features you can pack into one boat. Each 9’ pontoon consists of two side-by-side, full-length air chambers so it actually rides on four separate pontoons. If one tube were to fail (highly unlikely, of course) your boat will still ride level and be completely maneuverable. The frame is secured with air pressure from within? no straps and d-rings! The craft rides higher in shallow water situation making it easier to spin and get into tighter spots. The lower the profile makes the PAC 9000 much better in windy conditions than any other craft of this type. Boat Specs Inflated Size: 60” x 9’ Weight: 68 lbs. Frame: 4-pc Aluminum Air Cell Type: 14 mil. Urethane Load Capacity: 400 lbs. Seams: Thermal Welded • Outcast products are backed by a Outcast Warranty • Free Shipping

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