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Welcome to A1AWEB Fishing Gear

Tilley LTM3 Airflo Hat

Tilley LTM3 Airflo Hat

The Tilley Airflo provides sun protection in a lighterweight construction. Tilley Airflo designs incorporate mesh into the crown allowing coolness and comfort during hot days or strenuous activities. Engineered from Tilley Nylamtium, a strong water-and-mildew resistant form of nylon. The LTM3 is the Airflo version of our LT3 Hat. It has a medium-sized brim that snaps up Aussie style. Brim Measurements: Front: 2 3/4 Back: 2 3/4 Sides: 2 3/8 Tilley products are backed by a Tilley Guarantee Free Shipping

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