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Welcome to A1AWEB Fishing Gear

Humpback Emerger, PMD

Humpback Emerger, PMD

Fishing Pale Morning Duns is a rite of summer that many fly fishermen arrange their schedules around in order to coincide with the hatching of this unique Mayfly. The Pale Morning Dun Humpback Emerger is a critical pattern in that it imitates that transitional stage between Emerger and Dun that fish key on during a hatch. This can be a very challenging and many times overwhelming dilemma for the fly fisherman to both perceive and fish. The Pale Morning Dun Humpback Emerger is a great impressionistic fly in solving this riddle during such difficult hatch periods. Keep your leader long and fine and your presentation well honed and this pattern will bring you success on the water.

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