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Stock information about Rio Coldwater 15 Foot VersiTip Fly Line

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Rio Coldwater 15 Foot VersiTip Fly Line

Rio Coldwater 15 Foot VersiTip Fly Line

Evolved from the WindCutter fly line design, the VersiTip has the RIO non-hinging welded loop design and five interchangeable tips. The smooth, slim welded loops will not foul the guides. Unlike other sink tips, this line is designed with a thick belly to turn over dense sinking tips. Attach either the Clouser taper floating tip or one of the four sinking tips directly to the body. Packaged with the floating tip, plus a 15 ft water-clear AquaLux Intermediate tip (1.5 ips 3.8 cm/s), Type 3 DC (3 - 4 ips 8.9 cm/s), Type 6 DC (6 - 7 ips 17 cm/s) and a Type 8 DC (8 - 9 ips 20.3 cm/s) sinking tips (sizes #8 - #10 only). It is the fly line favored by Alaskan guides for all species and by steelhead fly fishers. With the VersiTip the fly fisher is always prepared to meet any fishing conditions encountered. Made with a memory-free coldwater coating and core. Length : 100 ft (30.5m) Color : Yellow

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