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Rio Nymph Fly Line

Rio Nymph Fly Line

Use the RIO Nymph line for nymph fishing under all fishing conditions, whether indicator, high stick or dead drift nymphing and terrestrials. Rated number one by Western professional guides for deep nymphing using strike indicators and long drag free drifts. The taper design, with both a long back taper and body for easy roll casting, mending and fly control, enhances casting weighted nymphs, indicators and big air-resistant flies. RIO's new high floatation technology creates a super high floating tip that stays up under normal conditions. This high visibility tip is a built-in strike indicator which can be cut off without affecting the casting performance. The Nymph line has welded loops on both ends for easy rigging and fast leader changes. This line can be used with many fly fishing techniques, such as: Drifting nymphs and egg patterns with indicators when fishing for steelhead and salmon; casting terrestrials and other big bugs, hoppers, stoneflies or streamers; upstream nymphing with bead heads and other weighted flies, as well as high stick nymphing; New Zealand's South Island, where the angler has to cast into the strong downstream NW Canterbury winds of 30 mph (50 kph) and still get a good turnover; NZ's Tongariro nymph technique, where the angler overhead or roll casts long distances with indicators and flies; Czech nymphing where the highly visible tip makes the slightest stop of the line very noticeable to the angler. WF4F - WF5F - Length: 90 ft (27.4 m) WF6F - WF9F - Length: 100 ft (30.5 m) Free Shipping!

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