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Rio Selective Trout Fly Line

Rio Selective Trout Fly Line

These unique weight forward and double tapers are designed especially for selective trout fishing in all weather conditions. The Selective Trout lines are designed for discerning anglers and technical fishing. The weight forward lines feature a long front taper for delicate presentations and an extended rear taper for effortless roll casting. RIO has reinvented the timeless double taper by slightly increasing the weight behind the front taper for easy turnover of the long front taper and leader. The Selective Trout line, ultra supple for delicate presentations and memory-free in winter, is the perfect choice for the most demanding conditions. Super slick, self-lubricating coldwater coating on a supple multifilament core makes accurate casts and delicate presentations easy. WF3F - WF7F & DT3F - DT6F - Length: 90 ft (27.4 m) Free Shipping!

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