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Scientific Anglers Saltwater Specialty Taper

Scientific Anglers Saltwater Specialty Taper

Applications The ideal multi-purpose line for saltwater Top performance across a wide range of casting needs Low memory for all weather conditions High, hollow-core floatation helps wading anglers keep running line above weeds and coral Taper characteristics 6-9 wt. lines with medium head for excellent distance and accuracy 10-14 wt. lines with shorter head for quicker casts with larger flies and heavier leaders Larger tip diameter and short front taper provide extra power to deliver large flies Small overall diameter reduces wind resistance Excels in wind without compromising delivery Head design minimizes false casting with large flies Compound taper head turns over flies under the most demanding saltwater conditions Larger diameter running line reduces memory, tangles Horizon color, although visible to anglers, blends into the sky and sea to become less visible to skittish fish Core Softer, more supple braided multifilament nylon for less memory in all water conditions. Hollow core traps air for ultimate floatation Coating Special higher-density 3M saltwater PVC formulated with patented AST ? Advanced Shooting Technology Highly resilient coating provides the durability required for harsh saltwater use Colors Horizon Delivery Moderate Stiffness Moderate Free Shipping!

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