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Scientific Anglers Streamer Express Rapid Sinking Tip

Scientific Anglers Streamer Express Rapid Sinking Tip

Applications Great for casting streamers Delivers flies deep, fast, and far Small diameter running line helps keep line deep throughout the retrieve Ideal for fishing from a drift boat Fish with unweighted streamers for optimal casting and overall fishing performance Sink Rates 5.5-8.0 ips Taper characteristics 30' tapered sinking head for easier casting Optimum diameter running line for increased durability and greatly reduced tangling Core Single strand monofilament nylon Coating Exclusive blend of 3M PVC formulated with patented AST Advanced Shooting Technology and industry-leading Mastery Series sinking-line technology Graduated-density between sinking tip and handling section allows smoother casting and straighter fishing for more natural drifts, enhanced sensitivity, better strike detection, and easier hook setting Colors Dark Gray/Yellow (200) Dark Gray/Surf (250) Surf/Clear (250S) Dark Gray/Green (300) Dark Gray/Orange (350) Dark Gray/Blue (400) Dark Gray/Red (450) Delivery Strong Stiffness Moderate Rod Weight Guide Grain: 200/Rod: 6-7 Grain: 250/Rod: 7-8 Grain: 250S/Rod: 7-9 Grain: 300/Rod: 8-9 Grain: 350/Rod: 9-10 Grain: 400/Rod: 9-12 Grain: 450/Rod: 10-13 Free Shipping!

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