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Smith Haven

Smith Haven

The Smith Haven blends the finest materials with world class polarization to create an extraordinary multi purpose sunglass. With a close fitting "wrap style" frame and smooth temple contours the Haven is the ideal choice for all day adventures. The recognized standard for polarized performance and protection, the Crystal Series matches eight optical-quality glass lenses with a variety of all-day frames made to fit any face. The clear choice of guides worldwide, our Crystal Series with Techlite polarized lenses make no compromises in the quest to be the best polarized sunglasses available. Photochromic (PC) lenses are available in some select lens colors. The PC lens changes tints according to how dark or bright it is outside, allowing you to see better as light conditions change. Smith Optics use Techlite Lens ; Glass is #1 for optical clarity & scratch resistance. Give it a specialty TLT grind to reduce the weight and you've got yourself the world's lightest Techlite glass lens. Chemically treated to increase shatter resistance. ANSI Z80.3 surpassing impact resistance and prismatic power. 100% UVA/B/C. Perfect for low impact hyperactivities and loitering with intent. Visible Light Transmission (VLT) is the percentage of available light allowed to reach the eye. Different lens tints offer specific VLT to enhance vision in different light conditions. Product Details Fit: Small Frame: TR-90 Grilamid Nose Pads: Hydrophilic Megol Lens: TLT 8 Base Techlite Glass Lens Coating: Anti-Reflective and Hydrophobic Interchangeable Lenses: No Polarized: Yes Warranty: Lifetime Warranty Shipping: Free! Smith Haven Lens Options • VLT 13-20% • medium to bright conditions Photochromic Copper Mirror An exceptional general purpose photochromic lens. Copper provides medium contrast with increased definition and is very comfortable and pleasant on the eyes. • VLT 12% • low to medium bright conditions Photochromic Brown A lighter density brown photochromic lens which will transmit ample light during lower light conditions and darken with increasing brightness. This lens performs well for users seeking a lighter density all around lens with medium contrast. • VLT 14% • medium to bright conditions Brown An excellent all around constant density lens. With a hint of yellow in medium-dark brown lens, it provides a great combination of contrast and true color transmission. Optimum performance is in medium to bright conditions. • VLT 14% • medium to bright conditions Photochromic Gray *Special Order - Returns require a 25% restocking fee* A constant density medium-dark gray lens. This lens provides the truest of color transmissions with no contrast. Excellent for driving and blue water applications. TLT Lenses: What are they? When you curve a lens it can bend the light passing through it and distort what you see. Tappered Lens Technology (TLT) contours the thickness of the lens so that light travels through without distortion. What you see is what you get? With TLT Without TLT UV Protection Linked to eye diseases, cataracts, and temporary conditions such as "snowblindness," Ultraviolet Radiation (UVA/B/C) is magnified by snow-covered surfaces. All Smith lens tints protect your eyes from 100% of these harmful forms of solar radiation.

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