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Abel Creek Reel

Abel Creek Reel

One outdoor writer called the Abel Creek . . . the classic trout reel for the 21st Century and probably the definitive spring creek reel. And our files are filled with user comments: Perfect for Pennsylvania spring creeks; Just what I was looking for at Hot Creek; and I thought the days of a simple fly reel were over. Modern, extremely light weight Large Arbor trout reels with an adjustable click drag. The narrow frame coupled with a Large Arbor spool means fast line pick-up. For more versatility, interchange a Large Arbor spool with a Standard Arbor spool. Available individually or as a set. All machined parts are made in our factory by Abel â?? They do not use outside vendors, which ensures 100% quality control. Their anodizing department methodically finishes each reel utilizing a proprietary corrosion-resistant metallurgical process unique to the industry. Abel Creek InterchangeABEL spools/frames on a pawl click reel

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