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Abel Super Series Large Arbor Reels

Abel Super Series Large Arbor Reels

2008 marks the 13th year Abel has made Large Arbor reels. During those years we have developed the perfect ratio of arbor (hub) size to the overall spool. Too big a hub and there's not enough backing capacity; too small and you've defeated the purpose of a large arbor spool. Super Series reels sizes 6 and larger are built with a Double Pawl System. There are a number of advantages to the Abel double pawl â?? increased reliability and back-up strength to name two. The Double Pawl System changed our sound . . . going from click click click click to something more like clickclickclickclick. Think of a fine Swiss watch. All Super Series reels are ported (ventilated) using a design that maintains total strength and rigidity in the metal. Super Series reels are also available with a solid frame. Same price. Large Arbor Super Series, Standard Big Game, and Anti/Reverse models feature our classic Stop-a-Sub drag system. Our drag system has virtually no hesitation or stutter . . . all to improve your chances of landing the fish of a lifetime. Some models may be custom fitted with two handles instead of a handle and counter-balance weight. Super Series Large Arbor Reels and Big Game Series Reels come standard with an outgoing click. If you prefer, the click may be removed. Reels are available in your choice of a high gloss Black Coral®, non-reflective matte finish, platinum, gold, artistic, fish graphic or scenic anodized finish and solid finishes. Platinum, gold, solid finishes, artistic, fish graphic and scenic anodized reels are available at an additional cost. All machined parts are made in our factory by Abel â?? They do not use outside vendors, which ensures 100% quality control. Their anodizing department methodically finishes each reel utilizing a proprietary corrosion-resistant metallurgical process unique to the industry. Super Series Large Arbor InterchangeABEL with Big Game Standard Arbor spools or frames

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