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Sage 3000 Series Drag Reels

Sage 3000 Series Drag Reels

Anglers who have fished the Sage 3000 Series reels rank them among the finest in the world. Built with the same commitment to craftsmanship, quality materials and innovation you've come to expect from our rods, the 3000 Series is on the cutting edge of modern reel design. Take the buttery-smooth drag system of our 3000D Series, for instance. It features a completely sealed multi-graphite disk drag system, so you never have to worry about water, dirt or sand. At Sage , every piece of angling equipment we make is designed, tested and hand built with one goal in mind: Maximum fishability . It's a term we came up with a few years back to describe the kind of performance that helps you cast better, fish more effectively and have more fun. In short, every Sage rod, reel and line is specifically designed to help you make the most of your precious time on the water. SAGE 3400 D SERIES DRAG REELS Weight 7 3/8 oz Diameter 4 in Sage Fly Line Performance Taper WF-8-F Yards 200 Backing 20 lb Extra Spool $270 SAGE 3500 SERIES DRAG REELS Weight 9 oz Diameter 4 3/8 in Sage Fly Line Equator taper WF-10-F Yards 200 Backing 30 lb Extra Spool $290 --> SAGE 3600 SERIES DRAG REELS Weight 10 1/2 oz Diameter 4 5/8 in Sage Fly Line Equator taper WF-12-F Yards 300 Backing 30 lb Extra Spool $310

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