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Fishpond Voyager Travel Rod Tube Bag

Fishpond Voyager Travel Rod Tube Bag

Protection for the journey. Our new Voyager Travel Rod Tube Bags are designed to keep your travel rods safe and secure no matter where your travels take you. Available in two sizes to accommodate three, four and five-piece travel rod tubes, our Voyager bags feature a durable, padded case to protect your rods from the bumps and bruises of land, water or air travel. These generously-sized bags each hold several rod tubes. Features Rugged 16 oz. cotton canvas material Elastic interior straps secure rod tubes during travel "Tuck-away" shoulder strap and padded handles Two padded and zippered exterior pockets for additional storage "Tuck-away" hanging hardware for stowing bag in airplane or lodge closets Heavy-duty nylon zippers with zipper gutters to repel water Address/business card window Length and Color : 33" - Khaki Fits 9' Four or five-piece rod tubes 43" - Khaki Fits three-piece rod tubes Free Shipping! Fishpond is the fly-fishing industry's newest and most innovative accessory products company. We're small, but our products are already making more than a few ripples. By rethinking product design from the ground-up, we've created an impressive line up of fly-fishing storage products and accessories that look great, and outperform anything else available on the market. We started with a few simple ideas: design and create a tippet dispenser, develop an innovative cutting tool or clipper, and reshape the fly storage category with the creation of a series of soft-sided cases and chest packs. Our simple ideas turned into very complex design obstacles and challenged some of the best industrial designers in the country, yet we've succeeded with our vision and created a line of revolutionary accessory products that will stand the test of time. Fishpond is all about design and function . We are the first to bring a functional tippet dispenser to the market-one that stores, straightens, cuts and dispenses tippet material directly from most commercially manufactured freshwater tippet spools. Look for our saltwater version in the coming months. Tired of plastic and aluminum fly boxes? We've also created an entirely new product category with our molded nylon and soft-sided fly cases. With ease-of-use in mind, brightly colored jacquard webbing on the spine serves as a hand strap to securely hold the case while on the water. This gives our cases their signature style and unparalleled function. To keep us on the cutting edge, we're redefining the accessory segment with revolutionary products like our patented, ergonomically designed Titanium Clippers with optional integrated retractor that make competitive tools based on the traditional nail clipper obsolete. Our research has told us that fly-fishing enthusiasts want to lighten their load. In response to this trend, fishpond has created two new chest/fanny packs that can complement or replace the traditional fishing vest. Each product has our signature zip-down "fly bench" with a replaceable foam fly page that serves as a convenient fly changing station and work area. At fishpond, we're committed to staying on the leading edge of fly-fishing product design, and we're already hard at work on the next generation of new products to enhance our position as an emerging leader with our dealer-partners and customers. Fishpond is connected to the past and it's timeless traditions, but its focus is on making designs for the fly-fishing enthusiast that will endure the future. We're committed to our dealer-partners and consumers at every level, and want to earn your trust and support by offering quality service, delivery and creativity.

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