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G. Loomis Cross Current Saltwater Fly Rods

G. Loomis Cross Current Saltwater Fly Rods

Its the age-old formula... find the moving water and find the fish. Tides and currents - they're the keys to saltwater fly fishing. Where current meets still water or dissimilar currents converge, edges are created and the bait is trapped. It s these edges that fly fishers seek... the "crosscurrents" where fish and fly meet! Saltwater fly fishing is a passion - it's advantage fish, not angler. A fanatical pursuit with zeal fueled by the degree of difficulty required to reach the ultimate goal. It's fast fish and skinny water for some... big fish and blue water for others. Sometimes it's finesse and long leaders, but most of the time it's brute strength and power! Creating fly rods for such a demanding fishery requires a lot of dreaming and a lot of fishing. The final result is the most advanced and uniquely different series of fly rods ever. Messrs. Pallot, Wejebe, Rajeff and Loomis and a cast of hundreds shared their angling and casting expertise to help us create our new "Cross Current" saltwater fly rods. Cross Current Saltwater Fly Series Model Line Weight Power Taper Handle Price FR1086-4CCGLX Cross Current GLX 6 Stiff Fast 130 $610 A delightful light-duty saltwater rod for calm days when the fish are spooky and you need to make a softer presentation. A nice alternative for small bonefish and redfish. A great smallmouth rod. FR1086-3CC Cross Current 6 Stiff Fast 132 $355 When the wind dies down and it's magic time on the flats, this is the ultimate finesse saltwater fly rod. Quick, accurate casts to tailing bonefish and small reds with surprising power for such a light rod! FR1087-4CCGLX Cross Current GLX 7 Stiff Fast 130 $630 If the wind isn't a factor, you can have a real "Hey!" day on the flats with this beauty. More powerful than you think, it will handle most of the smaller flats species like bones, redfish, specks and small permit. FR1987-3CC Cross Current 7 Stiff Fast 132 $365 Punching through light winds is where this rod excels, while being light enough to give you plenty of sport with even smaller bones, reds, and specs. And, If you hook into a big one, it will supply the backbone needed to get it to the boat. FR1178-3CC Cross Current 8 Stiff Fast 132 $380 A good wading rod for steelhead or small salmon, this is a very smooth, long-distance casting rod. The extra length provides superior control for shooting heads and sink-tip lines, as well as maintaining a lot of line in the air when you re covering pocket water. FR1068-1CCPRO1 Cross Current Pro-1 8 Stiff Fast 130 $405 A very unique, all-around light-duty saltwater fly rod for the professional guide or any serious angle than never needs to take a rod apart. It's a smooth caster, yet brutally tough! No ferrules to adjust EVER! FR1088-4CCGLX Cross Current GLX 8 Stiff Fast 130 $635 The versatility and quickness of a middleweight with the punch of a heavyweight. The perfect all-around rod for medium-sized flies in any light-duty saltwater situation including breezy conditions. Bones, redfish, snook, stripers and blues. FR1088-3CC Cross Current 8 Stiff Fast 132 $365 A powerhouse of an 8-weight. Handles weighted flies extremely well and casts like a bullet in the wind. A good choice for the flats or the bays on any coast, serious anglers will find this makes a great utility fly rod. FR1179-3CC Cross Current 9 Stiff Fast 132 $390 Whether you prefer to chase big steelhead and salmon in your waders or battle the surf for stripers and blues, this is as good an all-around rod as you'll find. The extra length helps keep your fly clear of waves. FR1089-4CCGLX Cross Current GLX 9 Stiff Fast 130 $655 When you need to use larger flies, longer casts and the fish get bigger, this is the rod of choice. Permit, barracuda, jacks, big reds, stripers, blues, you name it. A great rod in the wind. FR1089-3CC Cross Current 9 Stiff Fast 132 $375 Stripers beware!! This is a cannon of a fly rod. It will cast large, wind-resistant flies, poppers and hairbugs even in windy conditions. It has a very powerful tip to prevent your loops from collapsing. FR1069-1CCPRO1 Cross Current Pro-1 9 Stiff Fast 130 $420 When you fish around heavy cover for snook or redfish, it's a powerful, yet smooth casting rod that has all the strength you'll need to muscle the fish away from trouble. A great striper rod! FR969-3CC Cross Current 9 Stiff Fast 132 $370 This is a very cool fly rod, designed especially for fishing in the mangroves or heavy shoreline cover anywhere. It's extremely accurate and casts well at short range. A good choice for snook, baby tarpon and peacock bass. FR10610-1CCPRO Cross Current Pro-1 10 Stiff Fast 131 $435 The ultimate in toughness and durability. Great for permit on the flats or big snook in the backcountry, this is an extremely smooth casting big fish rod with plenty of power in reserve for those big surprises. FR10810-4CCGLX Cross Current GLX 10 Stiff Fast 130 $685 A real powerhouse of a rod for big fish, big flies and windy conditions. Permit on the flats or the wrecks, Dorado on the ocean, striped bass or bluefish in the bays. A great all around heavy-duty fly rod. FR10810-3CC Cross Current 10 Stiff Fast 133 $385 A wonderful big-water fly rod, this is a "Louisville Slugger" in a world of badminton racquets. It will punch big flies into the wind, and lift sinking lines and shooting heads off the water with authority. A great choice for false albacore, big permit, stripers or blues. FR11710-3CC Cross Current 10 Stiff Fast 133 $395 The ultimate big fish, wading rod. A great choice for big salmon on large rivers where you need to cover a lot of water and heavy current. It fishes large, oversized flies well and casts like a bullet in the surf. FR13510-4CC Cross Current 10-11 Stiff Fast 170 $500 This model casts flies up to 5 inches with ease. We suggest a fly line with head length between 35 to 40 feet weighing 425 grains (plus or minus 25 grains), including Salt Water, Striper and Shooting Tapers. FR10811-4CCGLX Cross Current 11 Stiff Fast 130 $715 When tarpon get "smart" from a lot of pressure, it's time to try a little smaller fly and make a slightly softer presentation. A great choice for dorado or roosterfish too. FR10612-1CCPRO1 Cross Current Pro-1 12 Stiff Fast 131 $450 A real pros tarpon rod. Excellent in the wind and tough enough for any size "poon", it's incredibly light, due to the one-piece construction and very, very strong. FR10812-4CCGLX Cross Current GLX 12 Stiff Fast 130 $725 "THE" big tarpon rod or big anything for that matter. It's the rod you're going to want in the boat when the big "poons" show up. The most powerful 4-piece fly rod in the business! FR10812-3CC Cross Current 12 Stiff Fast 133 $400 A very nice casting big fish rod. The perfect choice for tarpon of any size. Whether you're after sharks, big dolphin or roosterfish, especially on the boatside of the surf, this rod has the power to handle it. FR13512-4CC Cross Current 12-13 Stiff Fast 170 $500 If your needs are for all out distance, using up to extra large flies and/or big poppers, intentions on doing combat with the likes of a GT with a bad attitude, big mama stripers or even tarpon off the beach, you'll want the #12 wt-525 grain model. You may use Salt Water, Striper of Shooting Tapers of 525 grains, (plus or minus 25 grains), with a head length of 35 to 40 feet. FR10214-3CC Cross Current 14 Stiff Fast 194 $540 The new 8'6" #14 CrossCurrent was field tested on an extended world tour for pelagic and reef species with numerous world records caught. Light enough to be "castable" for long periods while reef fishing, the rod has plenty of toughness and lifting power to fight GT's and Grouper. It quickly became the rod of choice for sailfish too. Comfortable handling big flies and lines up to 600 grains, this is a big stick that walks softly, not. FR9915-3CC Cross Current 15 Stiff Fast 134 $625 The beast tamer, the big fish rod for tuna, billfish, amberjack, you name it. Designed for use with 20-pound leader, this is NOT a rod for the faint of heart! The 8' 3" length offers the ideal balance of lifting power and smooth, yet powerful casting qualities.

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