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G. Loomis NativeRun GLX Fly Rods

G. Loomis NativeRun GLX Fly Rods

The NativeRun GLX is crafted with our proprietary GLX graphite along with the finest componentry available today. They have custom reel seats featuring a new single fastener with raised grips, making it easy to tighten and loosen with gloves in cold weather. With nickel titanium RECOIL guides by REC and the finest Portuguese cork available, these rods are as beautiful as the rivers you'll be using them in. NativeRun GLX Series Model Line Weight Power Taper Handle Price FR1206-4-NR-GLX NativeRun GLX 6 Med-Stiff Fast 4 $650 This rod has half pounder and summer steelhead in its soul. The tip is powerful enough to punch through wind with long belly taper lines, making stunning long casts for such a light outfit. The mending advantage becomes very apparent over shorter #6 rods. A more potent rod by comparison with the StreamDance 10' #6. Should you want to do some float tube fishing, it doubles as a leech and wooly bugger casting machine. FR1147-4-NR-GLX NativeRun GLX 7 Med-Stiff Fast 161 $650 This is a fantastic rod for big trout or small river steelhead. Casters hoping to extend their distance a bit or improve their mending control will find this 9 1/2-footer very helpful. This is one super light, super smooth, super convenient package for tackling all the toughest light line conditions. FR1207-4-NR-GLX NativeRun GLX 7 Med-Stiff Fast 161 $660 A fast action rod, extremely lightweight, and fantastic with floating lines for steelhead. Due to the light weight, float tube anglers can easily cast it with sinking lines and cover longer casts with ease. Atlantic salmon anglers enjoy this model for grilse fishing and catching bigger fish to 20 lbs. FR1088-4-NR-GLX NativeRun GLX 8 Med-Stiff Fast 161 $650 An extremely versatile, medium-stiff outfit suited to larger flies and floating or sinking lines. It provides the power needed to cast the most demanding flies for any situation. FR1148-4-NR-GLX NativeRun GLX 8 Med-Stiff Fast 161 $660 An exceptional steelhead and light all-purpose salmon rod for large rivers where long casts and positive line control equal success. The 9 1/2-foot length makes longer casting a little easier and improves mending control. FR1208-4-NR-GLX NativeRun GLX 8 Med-Stiff Fast 161 $670 Ten feet gives you all the extra distance you'll need to cover just about any water. And the lightweight GLX design makes it almost effortless to fish full lines and shooting heads alike. This could very well be the all time best steelhead one-hand rod on the planet. FR1089-4-NR-GLX NativeRun GLX 9 Med-Stiff Fast 161 $660 Here's a truly great rod for heavy-duty freshwater applications as well as light-duty saltwater use. It casts like a bullet in the wind and has the power to handle all of the toughest steelhead and salmon situations. FR1209-4-NR-GLX NativeRun GLX 9 Med-Stiff Fast 161 $680 This rod is designed to handle big flies, size 2 and above, and is capable of pushing those large flies more than reasonable distances. It's also good for weighted flies and heavily weighted sinking fly lines. And if you're lucky enough to be fishing with Frank Moore on the North Umpqua, you may hear him mention it's the best all around large rod. Period.

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