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G. Loomis NativeRun Quinault Fly Rods

G. Loomis NativeRun Quinault Fly Rods

NativeRun Quinault Fly Rods use a unique blend of materials combined together with exact specifications to create a most wonderful casting tool. With premium Hopkins and Holloway components and beautiful Portuguese cork these rods are as majestic as the famous steelhead river for which they're named. Native Run GLX Series Model Line Weight Power Taper Handle Price FR1147-4-NR-QU NativeRun Quinault 7 Med-Stiff Fast 163 $450 A summer steelhead and light duty salmon rod. With a powerful multi-taper tip, it handles weighted flies with ease, and is wonderful for making consistent long distance casts. FR1088-4-NR-QU NativeRun Quinault 8 Med-Stiff Fast 163 $435 For larger flies and floating or sinking lines. The 1088-4 provides all the power needed to hit the hard-to-reach drifts in the toughest situations. FR1148-4-NR-QU NativeRun Quinault 8 Med-Stiff Fast 163 $455 This rod handles floating lines for "greased line" presentations quite well, but it's equally efficient with sink tips or the new shooting heads-and fully capable of handling fish up to 30 pounds or larger, if water conditions permit. A powerhouse caster, you'll find yourself reaching water with this rod previously reserved only for those casting from boats. FR1089-4-NR-QU NativeRun Quinault 9 Med-Stiff Fast 163 $455 When you need to throw the big flies and heavy sinking lines, this is the rod of choice. Once you hook up, the 1089-4 gives you the ability to handle larger fish in the heaviest of currents. FR1149-4-NR-QU NativeRun Quinault 9 Med-Stiff Fast 163 $460 Getting weighted flies and heavily weighted sinking fly lines to the fish sometimes requires great distance. The extra length of this rod allows you to reach those distances. It also has the strength to get the fish back from the far side of the river.

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