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R. L. Winston Boron IIt Rod

R. L. Winston Boron IIt Rod

Innovation meets tradition. Introducing the new Boron IIt series, which proves that the advanced boron technology can be utilized to create exceptional medium-action fly rods. With this series, we have moved our proven second generation boron in a whole new direction, with extraordinarily lightweight rods that combine the powerful, highly responsive characteristics of Boron II with the legendary smoothness and delicacy of our more traditional action rods. At Winston, we fully recognize that many people enjoy fishing for trout with medium-action rods. The new Boron IIt is a true breakthrough for such anglers. SIZE 3-WEIGHT These beautiful, extremely lightweight rods are the choice for making perfect dry fly presentations to selective trout. Think size 22 flies, 7x tippet, gin clear water and fish that will spook at your shadow. 4-WEIGHT Available in three lengths, these 4-weights are smooth casting, supple rods that will more than meet your needs for dry fly angling on a wide variety of waters. Whether you're fishing a tiny Griffiths Gnat or dropping an emerger or cripple off the back end of a PMD, these rods can do it all. 5-WEIGHT All-around rods for dry flies, nymphs and smaller streamers. These more powerful 5-weights are a joy to cast and offer the incredible benefits of advanced boron technology to those who prefer a more traditional action. --> Product Details Handle: Cigar Sections: 4 Reel Seat: Choice of Black Anodized Aluminum Uplock with green Graphite spacer or Nickel Silver Uplock wth Burled Box Elder Insert. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty Free Shipping Rod Case Included

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