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R. L. Winston Boron IIx Rod

R. L. Winston Boron IIx Rod

Made with second-generation boron/graphite composite, Boron IIx rods have redefined the fast-action category. A common flaw in most fast-action designs is a lack of casting range; the rods are often hard to load at short distances and even at longer range can be clumsy due to overly stiff butt sections. The Boron IIx series has changed everything. These are responsive, powerful, highly accurate fly rods that perform across a wide casting range; they load easily for gentle presentations up close, yet can also make very long, pinpoint casts of 100 feet. To date, across the board, Boron IIx rods are the lightest in the industry. This makes for very pleasant, all-day casting, even with the 10 and 12-weights. We urge you to cast a Boron IIx rod today. You will be amazed. 3-WEIGHT An extremely lightweight, fast-action rod that is perfect for spring creeks. 4-WEIGHT Powerful enough to handle larger rivers, with the delicacy needed for spring creeks and other technical waters. 5-WEIGHT All around, high-performance 5-weights. Dries to streamers, small streams to freestones. 6-WEIGHT A great nymph and streamer rod, yet versatile enough for gentle presentations up close. 7-WEIGHT Perhaps the finest dry fly steelhead and salmon rods made today. Available in four different lengths. 8-WEIGHT These 8-weights will load quickly for bonefish up close or make river crossing casts to steelhead. The 9' JWF has a special grip for smaller hands. 9-WEIGHT Stripers, big salmon, blues, redfish. If you're looking for a fast-action 9-weight, this is it. 10-WEIGHT The rod for permit, as well as hard-fighting species like bonita and false albacore. 12-WEIGHT The rare tarpon rod that excels at long, short and medium distances. Powerful, accurate and as light as they come. --> Product Details Handle: Cigar on 8'6 3-wt. thru 9' 5-wt., as well as 9' 6-wt. Full Wells on 9'6 5-wt, 9'6 6-wt., and 9' 7-wt. thru 9' 12-wt.; Half Wells Special on JWF. Sections: 4 Reel Seat: Choice of Black Anodized Aluminum Uplock with Green Graphite spacer or Nickel Silver Uplock with Burled Box Elder insert on 8'6 3-wt. thru 9' 5-wt., as well as 9' 6-wt.; Black Anodized Aluminum with Green Graphite spacer and Cork fighting butt on 9'6 5-wt., 9'6 6-wt. and 9' 7-wt. thru 9' 12-wt. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty Free Shipping Rod Case Included

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