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Welcome to A1AWEB Fishing Gear

R. L. Winston Lt 5-Piece Trout Rod

R. L. Winston Lt 5-Piece Trout Rod

These smooth-casting, 5-piece trout rods fish wonderfully and travel exceptionally well. They have soft tips, rod actions that are slightly faster and crisper than our WT series and, of course, the distinctive feel found only in a Winston. The five-section design features our internal spigot ferrule system, which ensures that the taper and internal diameter of one section of the rod exactly matches that of the adjoining section. The performance of these fly rods is unmatched in the category; an LT 5-piece is a superb choice, whether you’re hiking into a backcountry lake, taking a trip to Chile or just heading out on your home waters. 2-WEIGHT This beautiful little rod was designed specifically for small stream dry fly fishing. 3-WEIGHT Our 3-weights are perfect for making gentle presentations to selective fish. Four lengths, from a 6’9” that\\'s great for Eastern brookies, to the very versatile 8’9”, a regular on rivers like the Henry’s Fork. 4-WEIGHT Versatile, all around rods that can handle virtually all trout water. Again, the smaller sizes are intended for Eastern or small brushy streams, while the longer rods are ideal for Western waters. 5-WEIGHT Big dries, small dries, nymphs, streamers, longer casts, gentle presentations, wind, whatever. This 5-weight can do it all. 6-WEIGHT An ideal choice for the larger rivers found out West, where you'll typically use a variety of flies and make casts of varying lengths throughout the day. --> Product Details Handle: Cigar. Sections: 5 Reel Seat: Uplock Nickel Silver with Burled Box Elder insert. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty Free Shipping Rod Case Included

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