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Merchandise information about R L Winston WT Trout Rod

Merchandise information about Fishing Rods

Welcome to A1AWEB Fishing Gear

R. L. Winston WT Trout Rod

R. L. Winston WT Trout Rod

Most trout fishing situations involve casts of less than 60 feet, usually far shorter. And when you're working these shorter distances, the ability to make gentle, accurate presentations is the key to success. Many experienced anglers consider our WT rods to be the ultimate choice for such fishing. With progressive tapers, they work nicely at close distances yet can make longer casts when needed. Proven on trout waters worldwide, these medium-action rods are incredibly smooth, offer incomparable touch and feel, and the tips are soft enough to protect 6x and 7x tippets while playing large trout. 2-WEIGHT Designed for casting to smaller trout at shorter distances, these rods will allow you to make very delicate presentations with tiny dry flies. 3-WEIGHT A marvelous choice for spring creeks or very technical water, these 3-weights excel at short to medium distances when there's not much wind. 4-WEIGHT The 4-weights have enough power to handle larger dries and even some wind. The Tom Morgan Favorite is a great spring creek rod; the 10' is for float tubing. 5-WEIGHT Dries. Droppers. Streamers. Very versatile, our 5-weights let you adjust to a wide variety of fishing conditions without having to change rods. 6-WEIGHT A rod that can handle the wind without sacrificing any touch and feel. Ideal for streamer and nymph fishing, or casting bigger patterns like hoppers, damselflies and crickets. --> Product Details Handle: Cigar, except Half Wells special on 5-wt. JWF. Sections: 3, except for 8' 4-wt. TMF, which is 2-piece only, and 8'6 5-wt., 9' 5-wt. and 9' 6-wt., which are available as 2 or 3-piece. Reel Seat: Uplock Nickel Silver with Burled Box Elder insert. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty Free Shipping Rod Case Included

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