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Sage Bass

Sage Bass

After working with a small, tight-lipped group of serious bass anglers, we’ve developed two new bass rods that can drop a hair frog or an air-light diver with pinpoint accuracy and hardly a ripple on the water. From a fly fishing perspective, we’re talking about effortlessly pushing big, wind-resistant bugs into tight quarters. Available in two models, Smallmouth and Largemouth, both rods measure 7'11", which slides them just under the strict bass tournament rules for rod length. Additionally, both rods are sold with custom bass taper flylines and a travel case for protection. When used outside the bass fishing world, we strongly recommend them for probing the mangroves or throwing huge flies for pike and muskies. Largemouth Details Line: 330 Grain Length: 7ft 11in. Tube Size: 28.5 inches Weight in Oz: 3 5/8 Sections: 4 Smallmouth Details Line: 290 Grain Length: 7ft 11in. Tube Size: 28.5 inches Weight in Oz: 3 1/2 Sections: 4

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