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Sage Z-Axis

Sage Z-Axis

The new Sage Z-Axis Rods have combined a refined feel with new technology and created one heck of a rod. The Z-Axis replaced one of the most popular rods in the world, the XP. Using new Generation 5 (G5) graphite rod building technology Sage has trimmed some weight off while creating a stronger rod with more feel at the tip. It's a fast action rod that is quite different from the norm. It's fast alright, but it's fast in that it throws the line for you as you stroke your cast, rather than punching line out there with a brute force type cast. Not only will it get your line out there with ease, you'll find that mending and throwing heavy rigs can also be achieved with little effort. The Z-Axis is forgiving and great for any angler's skill set. • Every Sage rod comes with a lifetime warranty • Rod Case Included • Free Shipping on all Sage Rods A few words from Sage "We went back to the drawing board to create the incredible new Sage Z-Axis Series Fast Action Rods. By improving the entire rod-building process, we created a rod that’s significantly lighter, stronger and easier to cast for anglers of all skill levels. The Z-Axis offers an entirely new level of fishability with unprecedented line feel, response and performance." How does Sage do it? Magic Replacing what is quite possibly the most popular fast action fly rod in the world takes a lot of ... well, research and development. It also takes something so good you can confidently move forward without a backward glance. In short, it takes a fly rod with nearly magical properties. So, how did we create a rod that's significantly lighter, stronger and easier to cast for anglers of all skill levels? The answer, much to the marketing guys' dismay, isn't a simple buzzword or an easily described new material. In fact, the latest version of our Generation 5 (G5) Technology is defined by improvements across the entire rod-building process. To start with, our exclusive analysis software helped us to better evaluate the performance requirements of every inch of rod blank, allowing us to eliminate all unnecessary material. At the same time, we made significant advances in our Aligned Fiber Technology , which, most significantly, replaces traditional glass hoop fibers with lighter, more responsive graphite. This, of course, required us to develop new construction techniques to align and compress these rods for maximum strength. To take advantage of these developments, Jerry Siem went back to the drawing board (and out on the water) to create improved taper designs for each Z-Axis rod. The G5 process gave him an opportunity to reach previously unattainable levels of line feel, response and performance. It also allowed him to design rods that better fit the modern casting style, with the tip strength to bail you out on a missed stroke and the power to more easily punch flies into the wind. The result? An entirely new level of fishability. But don't just take our word for it! Take the Z-Axis out for a ride today. We're confident that you'll find it's the lightest, longest-casting, most accurate fast action fly rod you've ever tried. It might not be magic, but it's pretty darn close.

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