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William Joseph Terrestrial

William Joseph Terrestrial

Have you heard the saying, you can tell a lot about a person by their luggage? Neither have we, but you can be certain the new William Joseph Terrestrial will say loads about who's carrying it. You will undoubtedly hear murmurings such as, I heard that guy is hauling eigth 3-piece rods in that bad. Or, somebody told me he has over 5,000 cubic inches of storage just for their clothes and 1,800 ci for other items. Don't be suprised to hear things like a pin dropping as you quietly glide through the concourse on the best Urethane wheels ever placed on a piece of luggage. The Terrestrial is the most durable easy to maneuver 11,000 cubic inches you will ever drive. So remember, you will still be way under the size limitations of all major airlines while in possession of this bag. Features: Compliant with all major airlines. Earn $20 in free gear with your purchase of the Terrestrial Product Details Capacity: 11,000 ci Weight: 7lb 15oz

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