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Korkers Swift Sandals

Korkers Swift Sandals

Outdoor enthusiasts who need a versatile sandal for all of their summer adventures. Hike, wade, paddle, or golf - no matter where your summer adventures take you, this sandal has it all covered. Designed specifically for active people with multiple interests, Korkers Swift Sandal can literally take you from sure footed water performance to performance on the 18th green. Made from durable water resistant suede and breathable neoprene uppers, the swift offers exceptional comfort and style, and well and protection and a secure fit. With six different interchangeable performance soles to choose from, this sandal is the ultimate in terms of sports performance and casual wear. Color : Brown Korkers products are backed by a Korkers Warranty Free Shipping Trail Lug Sole Included Korkers Swift Sandal Aquastealth Sole (Add $29.99) Aquastealth high friction rubber is designed to excel in and out of water. The "spongy" rubber provides added durability for hiking compared with a traditional felt sole, and reduced water absorption, keeping them very light in weight. Perfect for scrambling trails, rock hopping, and wading in wet conditions. Boat Sole (Add $29.99) Non-Marking rubber out sole with weave razor-sipping for maximum traction on smooth boat deck surfaces. Comprised of soft, gum rubber with dual counterbalance system for ultimate stability and support. Felt Sole (Add $24.99) Compressed high quality felt designed for in a variety of wading conditions. Performs well in wet and slippery conditions and moderately well on extremely slimy rocks, wood, etc. Not recommended for hiking long distances. Golf Sole (Add $29.99) Designed for superior grip and flex in a variety of golf conditions. Dual density lugs provide exceptional surface to ground distribution for balance. Featuring replaceable, soft Tornado golf spikes. Studded Felt Sole (Add $29.99) Compressed high quality felt with embedded carbide spikes that protrude approximately 2 mm for use in extremely slippery water conditions. The combination of felt and short carbide studs provides traction on slippery rocks, shale, wood and slab granite. Studded Rubber (Add $29.99) Durable rubber sole with replaceable carbide tipped steel spikes measuring 7 mm in length from the rubber base of the sole. The long, carbide tipped cleats provide exceptional traction in the most demanding conditions. Ideal for fall and winter wading conditions, this sole provides extreme traction on mossy rocks, slimy boulders, slick logs, and ocean jetties. Trail Lug Sole (Included) A combination of broad rubber lugs and cleat inspired lugs for performance on trails and off-rosd, as well as casual use. Lugs are strategically placed to provide traction and self cleaning capability.

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