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Florida Country Home on 8 3/4 acres - SOLD

Front Gate











Veggie Garden

Memorial Garden

Pig Pen Garden



Side of house facing street

Statue of St.Francis

Memorial Garden


Front Panarama 1

Front Panarama 2

Front Panarama 3

House Panarama 1

Paddock Gate



Back Lot w.gate to next street

-Home on 3 & 3/4 fenced/crossfenced acres - $SOLD
w. 5 acres (4 lots) adjoining (behind) available for $20,000 per lot OBO
(lots are all 1&1/4 acre each)

4 adjoining lots X $20,000 each = $80,000 OBO
(of the 5 acres-1 1/4 acres is cleared w.driveway & gate
and 2 & 1/2 acres are fenced)
Each of the lots behind the house is deeded separately so can have a separate home on each lot and each one has road frontage
-Of the 3 & 3/4 acres this house sits on, although deeded together, one of the lots can have another home built on it. So you can have 2 homesteads with 2 separate addresses. A great way to provide an extra home closeby for relatives.
-Each 1 & 1/4 acre lot has 165 ft. frontage on dirt road and is 300 feet deep. Paved road which is main road is closeby-only 2 acres down the street from this property. This means quiet country living, no street sounds, nearest neighbor is 1 acre away.
-Bullcreek Fish Camp is 4 miles away - it sits on Dead Lake (deep lake) which goes into Crescent Lake which goes into the St.Johns River giving you Intracoastal access
-House and property it sits on is deeded separately from 5 acres out back, it is 1900 sq.ft., 3 bedroom, 2 bath, w.enclosed front porch that has 2 storage rooms, large outer front porch overlooking pond, diningroom/kitchen w.Ben Franklin fireplace, formal dining/livingroom, bedroom w.office, 1 sliding glass door in front, 2 in back, ceiling fans in all rooms, central AC, is on well water and septic so no city water or sewer bills. Electricity runs about $150 per month.Trash pickup $18 per month.
-Property Taxes: $800 per year
-Insurance: $1216 per year approx.
-Small mortgage on house of $35,000 @ 7.25% is assumable - $536 per month - taxes&insurance included in payment
-Owner Financing is Available on the house only on 3 & 3/4 acres fronting on Satinwood for $30,000 down and the balance at 7.5% for 20 years.
The 5 acres behind the house are 4 separately deeded properties and I am not offering financing on them at this time.

Outdoor Amenities Include:
  • Riding Lawnmower, push mower
  • Front Porch Swing and 3 Yard Swings
  • Picnic Table & Patio Tables under Awning out back
  • Outbuildings: Storage Shed, 1 Chicken Coop, 2 Bird Pens, Aluminum garage, Paddock w. 2 stalls & feed & hay storage
  • Statues of the Virgin Mary & St. Francis of Assisi
  • All landscaping was done by hand...brush was removed by hand around the trees so there are many large pines, maples and oaks for shade which looks much better than the clearcutting that is done my modern methods.The driveway curves and winds all the way back to the next property behind it...it was especially designed this way for our horse drawn carriages to go around the block by leaving one entrance and coming in the other.

    True Date Palm
    Phoenix dactylifera
  • What is growing here: Pine trees and saw palmettos mostly, magnolia trees, oak trees, maple trees, on end of house and on top of septic tank -banana trees, orange birds of paradise, white birds of paradise and elephant ears, Wild Taro grows around the pond, assorted ferns, roses, azaleas, gardenias, begonias, grapefruit, peaches, pomegranite, wild raspberry, wild blueberry, wild muscadine grapes vines grow all over the place, pampas grass, indian bean tree, starfruit tree, orchid trees, canary palms, assorted evergreen bushes, 30 medjool date palms (these palm trees will be worth $6000 each when they reach 10 feet - 7-10 years from now - Don't beleive me - call any Florida nursery to ask what the retail price is of a 10 ft. Medjool Date Palm)
    Date Palms

    Other Fruits and Vegetables that grow well here: banana peppers, sweet peppers, bell peppers, hot peppers, yellow squash, zuchini, tomatoes, eggplant, sweet potatoes, cabbage, green beans, cantalope, watermelon, cucumber.
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    Flagler County Schools
    Flagler County Goverment
    Slideshow of Bull Creek Fish Camp
    Bunnell RV Parks
    Aerial View

    Yellow outlines 5 acres behind house which fronts on it's own road
    Red outlines 3 3/4 acres which fronts on its own road
    also shows separate lot for adding a house
    Drive way to house goes all the way back to the other properties and then to the road.
    Acres of Wild Muscadine Grapes
    Muscadine Grapes
    This property is also covered by thousands of muscadine grape vines as you can see
    They are quite prolific and crawl all over the trees and fences
    Perhaps you can tame them and have your own vineyard!
    Muscadine grapes are used in making some award winning wines here in Florida as well as the many new age reversing nutrional supplements containing Resveratrol. There are many vineyards and wineries in this part of Florida.

    Nearby along the main roads are large farms of potatoes and cabbage as well.
    Concord Grapes
    Concord Grapes
    These concord grapes love banana trees
    I brought them down from New Hampshire
    and they grow great down here

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