This is me Anny on Webcam working on my computer.
This photo was taken with a Toshiba CCD
It can show images realtime or cycle past images
The image will change every 60 seconds IF my camera is on.
I can put a webcam picture of your office/warehouse or home on your own website.
It can automatically update the photo as often as every 60 seconds or less if you like.
How to setup Webcam to monitor your business from your home computer or from any computer.Webcam Setup

For Customers of A1AWEB to see me on Webcam

Hi-This page was created for my Internet Advertising Customers, friends and relatives who would like to try to use MSN Messenger or Yahoo Messenger to be able to see me and hear me in person online in real time. Of course they can always call me on the telephone or email me or even write me a letter. But this is much more fun. If any of you have any input to add to these directions please email me.

Directions for using MSN Windows Messenger

Download a free copy from:

Download the software and install it.
Add me as a contact by clicking on Tools/Add a Contact.
Click Next and add my email address: info@a1aweb.com
You will see a box checked asking if you would like to allow this person to see when you are online.
Leave it as is (that is the default) that way you can see when I am online and I can see when you are online.

You can also do the same thing using Yahoo Messenger which I am also a member of.
You can use your webcam to do video conferencing with both services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I Find a Webcam for my computer?
You can buy a webcam below just click on any listing then click on Register at the top of the listing (it's free)
to get more information about the Webcam you are interested in
You can also Find other types of Surveillance Cameras by entering them into the search box below

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