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How to setup your own Webcam to take pictures of your business so you can monitor it on your home computer or from anywhere.

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You will need:

  1. Computer w.internet access at the location where you want the images to be taken. Preferrably Roadrunner cable internet access rather than dial-up access as video images do take up alot of bandwidth. T1 access is even better of course.
    (Laptops will work too as long as they have a USB port for the camera to plug into)

  2. To view what the camera is taking pictures of you can use any computer anywhere w. internet access if you are wanting to monitor your office staff/warehouse while you are away or at home.

  3. I recommend buying the IBM PC CAMERA PRO or Logitech Quikcam Pro or Logitech Clicksmart 510 or Logitech Supercam or just about any high resolution webcam, they start at about $50.00 from http://www.buycomp.com or Best Buy or Circuit City and come w.a 6 ft cable. You may need more cable so should measure the distance from the back of the computer to where you are going to put your camera. (10 ft.cables are $10 each, you can get up to a 100 ft. cable online for $1 per foot-you may need some male/female adapters to add longer cable to your camera also)

  4. You will need Webcam32 software from http://www.surveyor.com/webcam32 for $39.95
    or Blue Iris Software for $39.00

  5. You must have a Website for the images to be sent to....I charge a minimum of $20 per month to host a website on my server and a onetime fee of $50 to create the webpage on which you will view the images.

    Audio is not picked up by the webcam and so cannot be heard on the website. You would need to add an especially sensitive microphone to pickup audio in order to have it sent to the website to listen to it.
    You access the webpage with the image the camera takes just like you did on mine -by going to that particular website address.

The way it works:
Your remote computer is setup using the Webcam software to automatically take a photo every 60 seconds of whatever it is looking at.
This image is automatically sent to your website via FTP every 60 seconds or less depending on how often you feel an image needs to be taken.
You then view the image on your home computer or any computer by going to that particular webpage-and there it is.
You can have up to 4 cameras in different locations taking photos and view all of them on the website at the same time. Thanks, Ann Menke

Construction Webcams

Why use a construction webcam on your project?
Would you like to be able to view your job site at any time, from anywhere in the world? How about being able to instantly access an archive of images taken from different viewpoints at your job site?

a.. Jobsite monitoring
b.. Security
c.. Owner communication
d.. Legal record
e.. Safety compliance

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