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How would you like to wear a gemstone that could protect you from illness and let you see into the future? According to ancient belief, an emerald could do just that. Regardless of these legendary attributes, however, few would deny the pleasure and delight of owning May's most mesmerizing green birthstone.

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Shop with CONFIDENCE. You can buy each emerald by clicking on each individual "Buy Now" button to pay by American Express, Mastercard or Visa or even from your checking account. It is totally secure thru Paypal. After the funds have cleared I will ship them by 3 day Fedex or USPS Priority with signature confirmation and insurance which is included in the listed price. When you receive your gems if you are not completely satisfied return them within 10 days for a full refund, less shipping and handling and a 5% restocking fee to cover the paypal credit card processing fees.

Emeralds are now considered to be a great hedge against inflation much the same as gold, which explains the rise in emerald prices over the past year. Prices are still low but because emeralds as well as other precious gemstones are now being considered as a way to preserve the value of capitol - prices may continue to rise. Precious gems have always been considered since ancient times by royalty as a storehouse of wealth along with gold and silver. Add precious gems to your investment portfolio today to preserve and beautify your networth.

CNN Article dated December 2013:
Green with envy: Why emeralds make some of us mad with desire
The price for high-quality emeralds has increased by a factor of 10 since 2009, and the price of Colombian emeralds is set to increase by at least 25% this year alone. The value of emeralds stems, in part, from their scarcity: they are over 20 times rarer than diamonds The ever-higher prices that are being achieved in the international market place demonstrate that the desire to find and own an emerald has never wavered. CNN article about Emeralds

I also do trades for my emerald gems - if you have something you think I might like - let me know - such as sportscars, antique cars, collectibles, oil paintings, jewelry, other gems, real estate, etc.,. just Email Me

Ann, I received the emerald today and it is beautiful. I just love it. I can hardly wait to get it in a setting. Thank you so very much. Deb Dykstra

Hi my name is Ann Menke and like many of you I have another business unrelated to gems-mine is website design. There I cover much of the overhead for gemstones so I can offer them to you at a lower price and still be fair to both of us. I buy the rough from select gem dealers and send it off to be cut overseas. I offer surpassing quality for these prices. Please look over the gemstones on this page and on the catalog page. Ask anything you wish by phone or e-mail. If there is something in particular that you are looking for please fill out the contact form and I may be able to find it for you. Thanks for visiting my cut gems website.-Ann

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